Mind & Brain Lab

Department of Psychology, University of Ljubljana

Job positions

Researcher or research techician

Mind and Brain Laboratory at the Department of Psychology, University of Ljubljana has opened invitations for a position of researcher or research technican. The position will be filled starting in June 2017.

The work under supervision of Grega Repovš will focus on development and implementation of methods of EEG and fMRI analysis with emphasis on their relationship in the study of functional connectivity and brain integration.

We are looking for candidates with knowledege, skills and experience in programming and signal analysis. Knowledge of statistics, computational modelling, bioinformatics, machine learning, cognitive (neuro)science and programming languages and environments Matlab, R, python and bash are welcome. Priority will be given to candidates with Ph.D. or M.Sci. and academic title of (research) asisstant.

Candidates are invited to send their CV, motivational and reference letters to grega.repovs@ff.uni-lj.si by Tuesday, April 25th 2017. Informal inquiries are welcome.