Mind & Brain Lab

Department of Psychology, University of Ljubljana

Mind & Brain Lab is a cognitive neuroscience research laboratory headed by Grega Repovš. The lab is dedicated to research related to basic processes of human cognition, development of research and diagnostic tools and instruments, and providing basic support services for research in cognitive neuroscience.

The lab is operating at Department of psychology, University of Ljubljana in close collaboration with Institute for clinical neurophysiology and Department of Neurology at Neurology clinic at University clinical centre Ljubljana. The work in the lab is carried out by graduate and undergraduate students as well as collaborators with overlaping research interest from other organizations.

The work in the lab utilizes computer stations for behavioral experiments and an eye-tracker at the Department of psychology, multichannel EEG with active electrodes at the Institute for clinical neurophysiology, a multichannel EEG at the Department of Neurology, and 3T MR scanner at the Institute for clinical neurophysiology, Medical school. Analitical work is supported by a dedicated server with up to date software for statistical analyses, processing of EEG and fMRI data, and computational modelling.

Besides scientific research the lab organizes occasional educational workshops on use of research equipment and software tools for experimental control and data analyses.

The lab offers various possibilities for collaboration for interested students as well as wider public. Currently there are no open job positions.