Janek Musek
PhD, Professor Emeritus of General Psychology
03. 06. 1945


Study of psychology (1964-1968), Diplom of Psychology (1968), PhD (1976) all at the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Arts and Sciences (Philosophical Faculty), University of Ljubljana.

Head of Department of psychology (1980-1982), vice-dean of faculty of Arts and Sciences (1984-1986), vice-rector of the University of Ljubljana (1996-1998).

Occupation: Professor Emeritus University of Ljubljana, SLO Home address: Požarnice 26d, 1351 Brezovica, SLOVENIA Work address: Univerza v Ljubljani, Filozofska fakulteta, Aškerčeva 2, 1000 Ljubljana, SLOVENIA

Cofounder of the Institute of Ethics and Values Jože Trontelj (IEV) and the Institute of Personality Psychology. Member of the National Committee of Medical Ethics, member of the IEV International Advisory Board, consultant of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

Bearer of several national and institutional awards for scientific or professional merits.


Professional work as assistant (1970), assistant professor (1977), associate professor or docent (1981), full professor (since 1988 at the Department of pychology in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, University of Ljubljana. Since 2015 Professor Emeritus, University of Ljubljana.


Courses and lectures include introduction to psychology, personality, motivation and emotion, cognitive psychology, media psychology and history of psychology.

Mentor to 37 PhD, 50 MA Degree and 147 undergraduate students.


Major research fields: personality psychology, values, individual differences, cognitive psychology, positive psychology, history of psychology; more specific: personality structure, well-being, values, symbolism, decision making. Engaged in more than twenty basic research projects, mostly as the project (programme group) leader or principal investigator. About 200 published scientific articles, 35 textbooks and scientific monographies. The books include: Personality (1982), Scientific Image of Personality (1993), Personality and Values (1993), New Psychological Theory of Values (2000), Psychology of Life (2010), Psychological Basis of the Future Society (2014), Personality, Values and Well-being (2015), The General Factor of Personality (2017). Active participation in numerous national and international scientific conferences and congresses; coordinator or organizer of several national and international scientific congresses.


Member of Društvo psihologov Slovenije (Association of Psychologists of Slovenia). Vicepresident of the association in 1984-1986.

Selected publications

Abbreviated list of references:

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