Conference photos and presentations now available  [9 Oct, 2008]

You can download the (authorized) presentations in the Abstracts section - links to the files are placed after the abstract titles.

We also have photo collections from Emilian Lalev, Tsvetalin Totev, Peter Ahnelt, and Luka Komidar.

Second call - Meeting details  [17 Jul, 2008]

Dear colleagues, we are delighted to announce that we have obtained the minimal funds to carry out the conference! Credits go to the Scientific Institute of Faculty of Arts Ljubljana, Department of Psychology Ljubljana and The Austrian Science and Research Liaison Office (ASO) in Ljubljana.

Considering your answers about the best date for the meeting, we decided to make the proposed time frame final. We will begin with dinner on Friday, 19th of September, and end the conference with breakfast on Monday, 22nd of September.

By "minimal" funds we mean that we will completely cover the accommodation and food expenses, but unfortunately, we will not be able to cover your travel expenses.

We have a lot of new information, so I will try to organize it.


I've already reported that we'd already got a confirmation from dr. Aleš Leonardis. A few months ago we got the confirmation from the other invited speaker - dr. Renate Pflug from the Medical University of Vienna, Austria. So, now we have two invited speakers:


Our little conference will be held at a guesthouse Pri Čebelici (At the Bee's in English) which is located around 30km from Ljubljana. You can view more information about it in section Venue & Accommodation.

Pri Čebelici is a small guesthouse with a capacity that will just suit our needs. There is one potential problem, though - some rooms have 2 or more separate beds, whereas some contain only one bigger (queen size) bed. So, almost everybody will have to share a room with at least one participant - we hope this will not pose a problem. If there is anybody who does not mind sharing a queen size bed (ie. if there are any couples or close friends), please notify me by email. On the other hand, if there is anybody who for some reason does not want to share a (separate beds) room, also notify me as soon as possible and this person will be assigned to one of the queen size bed rooms. If we won't be able to accommodate all participants in Pri Čebelici (due to possible problems with one bed rooms), some participants will sleep in some other guesthouse, located near Čebelica (the agency that runs Čebelica will provide these additional rooms). Of course, we hope we will be able to come to an ideal agreement about sharing rooms so that we will all be staying at Pri Čebelici!


Although we did not submit abstracts last year in Sofia, we think it would be prudent to do so in this year's and all future meetings, especially because we all do research on very different vision science topics. If we get a chance to cast a glance at our research before we actually meet, we can better prepare for the meeting and make more efficient use of our time together.

Because Balkan Vision Science Meeting is a mini-conference, we decided not to rush things, so the deadline for abstract submission is 5th of September, 2008. You can submit your abstract in the section Abstracts. The detailed program of the meeting will be available online a few days after the submission deadline.


Last time we asked you to state your interest in attending the Balkan Vision Science Meeting 2008, now we are asking you for final confirmation. After you've reviewed all updated information and/or cleared up all potential problematic or just unclear issues with me or Anja, please go to the section Participants and click on the appropriate button beside your name. We would also like to ask you to do this as soon as possible (not later than by the end of July).

Just to conclude this long update - as you've probably already noticed, I made a Balkan Vision Science Meeting logo - I hope you like it :).

We wish you a great summer and are looking forward to seeing you all in September!

Yours sincerely,
Luka Komidar & Anja Podlesek

First call - Balkan Vision Science Meeting 2008  [12 Jan, 2008]

Dear colleagues!

We have embarked upon a quest that will hopefully end in a successfully completed 2nd Balkan Vision Science Meeting in Ljubljana, Slovenia. We've just started trying to obtain the necessary funds, but of course, nothing is certain. We've also started looking for a suitable meeting venue/accommodation and have found one guesthouse that is located around 30 km from Ljubljana. The hotels in Ljubljana are inexorably booked for over a year in advance (the current Slovenian EU presidency also doesn't help in this regard...) and are very expensive, so the guesthouse in the suburbs seemed like the most reasonable (and financially feasible) choice.

Of course, we'll continue with our "quest" of obtaining the funds, but in order to do it properly, it would help a lot if we knew the approximate number of participants. So, this is the primary goal of this First call for Balkan Vision Science Meeting 2008.

As for the meeting programme, we will remain faithful to the goals of the first meeting. For those who did not come to Sofia last year, these are as follows: (i) establish a network of researchers from south eastern Europe in diverse fields of vision science, (ii) exchange ideas and discuss possibilities for future collaboration between the laboratories of participating countries, and (iii) gain knowledge and "know-how" from distinguished and "EU grants experienced" researchers in the field of vision science. Of course, the meeting will also retain its mini-conference function with talks and poster sessions.

We've also decided to have two invited speakers, one from Slovenia and one from another EU country. We've already got a confirmation from dr. Aleš Leonardis, who is the head of the Visual Cognitive Systems Laboratory at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science in Ljubljana and has a lot of experience regarding EU projects (he participated in FP6 EU projects and is currently involved in two FP7 EU projects). The proposed title of his talk is "Hierarchically Learned Representations of Objects Categories: From Pixels towards Semantic Parts". We are still in search of another invited speaker, so if you have any suggestions, please email me.

Due to various reasons, we think the best time to organize the 2008 meeting would be during the third weekend in September (19th to 21st). If there will be enough people who will find this weekend unacceptable, we will of course try to find a more suitable time frame for the meeting.

Yours sincerely,
Luka Komidar & Anja Podlesek