Friendship and parental treatment: How early childraising habits effect adult friendship features  

Lassú Z. F.
Eötvös Lóránd University, Faculty of Elementary and Nursery School Teacher Training, Budapest, Hungary

This paper investigated the effect that perceived parental treatment had on adult friendships. College students (N=345, 161 men and 184 women) were asked about their relationships with their best friends and their memories of how their parents treated or mistreated them during their childhood. The relationship between the two was derived from factor and cluster analysis. Gender differences were also part of the focus. Memories of a mothers' treatment are found to be more influential on adult friendships for both sexes than the fathers' treatment for both sexes, especially for women. Results showed that mistreatment by the adults' mothers and fathers had different effects on the level of intimacy and supportiveness in their friendships.