Relations between mate selection and the Big Five model of personality  [presentation, pdf, 2273 kB]

Dinic B., Rakic B.
First author's affiliation: Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Psychology, Belgrade, Serbia

The aim of this research was to examine relationships between heterosexual mate selection criteria and personality dimensions. Participants (274) were balanced by gender, aged 18-59. Mate selection criteria were measured using the KIP110 questionnaire (Dinic, 2005) which is operationalized through six criteria: competency, emotional investment and connivance, excitement, social status and similar origin, specific interest and similar interest (intellect). Personality dimensions were measured using the BFI (John, Donahue, Kentle, 1991). Results have shown that competency and emotional investment and connivance, as main criteria for mate selection, positively correlate with all personality dimensions except Neuroticism. Excitement has shown positive correlations with Extraversion, Agreeableness and Openness, and negative with Neuroticism. Further, social status and similar origin have shown positive correlations with Conscientiousness and negative with Openness, and similar interest have shown positive correlations only with Openness. Specific interest did not show significant correlations with Big Five dimensions, probably because of weak psychometric characteristic. This study provides empirical evidence that personality play important role in the mating process and suggest mating based on similarity.