The impact of individual's self acceptance on unemployment  [presentation, pdf, 509 kB]

Raad Z., Farahani H.
First author's affiliation: Islamic Azad University, Tehran Medicine, Department of Psychology, Tehran, Iran

Self acceptance reflects to an individual’s satisfaction involving self-understanding and awareness of one’s strength and weakness resulting in self help on creation and happiness and self improvement. The aim of this research was characterizing the relation between self acceptance and unemployment among persons with the age ranging from 20 to 30 years. A self acceptance question list using Likert spectrum was designed with 100 questions. Then the content validity and content formality of the self acceptance were obtained and its reliability was calculated with the assumption of Cronbach’s alpha=0.8. The prepared question list was filled by 400 persons with well defined job condition living in north, south, east and west of Tehran in Iran. Our results illustrated that the self acceptance has a direct impact on job condition meaning. To analyze the job opportunities in the society, considering the concept of self acceptance is vital to have a clearer picture.