Application of Winter's scoring system for measuring unconscious motives  [presentation, pdf, 776 kB]

Boštjančič E.
Department of Psychology, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia

The purpose of the research was to get know Winter’s scoring method and analyze it results for recognition and evaluation of unconscious motives (of power, socialization, accomplishments, and moral responsibility) in the running text. This method was relatively unknown in Slovenia. The present randomized research included 60 executives employed in Slovenian and international companies with headquarters in Slovenia. We conducted a one hour structured interview with each individual. Winter’s motive scoring system for coding power, affiliation and achievement motives and expressions of responsibility was used to analyse the interviews. The evaluation method proved not to be sufficiently reliable; however, it has on the other hand opened new possibilities of qualitative measurement in the future. The results show that the achievement and power motivation are prevailing in entrepreneurs, whereas in managers the leader motive profile is more often (33%) noticed. An interesting finding is also that leader’s non-conscious need for power is in positive correlation with subordinate’s commitment, satisfaction and motivation.