Authority and authority styles in adolescents-parents relationships  [presentation, ppt, 933 kB]

Kuhar M.
University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Social Sciences, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Firstly, the presentation provides an overview and criticism of the main approaches to parenting – i.e. the parenting style approach (Baumrind), parenting dimensions (Barber), the domain paradigm (Turiel, Smetana), family communication patterns (Ritchie and others) etc. On the basis of the overview I emphasize the absence of in-depth conceptualization of the construct of authority and I offer preliminary theoretical conceptualization of this concept. Then the concept is analyzed and applied empirically with the help of four vignettes about different parent-adolescent conflict situations. The quantitative data (scales on conversation and conformity orientation and psychological control) further explain this concept. Both, quantitative and qualitative data point out the concept of authority style as the communication enforcement of parental authority. The sample consisted of 194 11- to 18-year-old first born adolescents and both of their parents in Slovenia; therefore the qualitative and quantitative self-reports of all three sides are presented which has indicated some methodological considerations.