Self-esteem changes in the course of eating disorders therapeutic programme  

Postuvan V., Hromc A.
First author's affiliation: Svetovalnica PU, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Many researches and clinical examples indicate a significant correlation between low self-esteem and eating disorders. The aim of our study was to test the changes in self-esteem in girls with eating disorders before and after the enrolment in the therapeutic programme. We applied a four dimensional self-esteem scale in the first and last week of an intensive year-long intervention. There were only female participants, aged between 17 and 27 years, involved in the study. The results at the first testing confirm previous findings that girls with eating disorders have a significantly lower self-esteem compared to the provided test population norms. On the contrary, the second testing revealed a significantly higher self-esteem in the same sample. Accordingly, the pre-post intervention changes showed a significant improvement of self-esteem in girls with eating disorders in the course of therapeutic programme. This improvement is congruent with other positive outcomes of the intervention programme, above all with the successful treatment of eating disorder.