Correlation between mother's and daughter's body image regarding the quality of their relationship  

Korańćin N., Pirnar Z., Vidmar L.
First author's affiliation: Department of Psychology, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia

In our research we were interested whether mother's body image is related to the daugter's one. Previous researches indicate that mother influence on daughter's body image through process of identification, quality of relationship and daughter's imitation of mother behaviour. Mothers more often criticize daughter's physical look, weight and give them advice about diets. Additionaly, we focused on the question, whether the quality of mother-daughter attachment is related to the magnitude of the relationship between mother's and daughter's body images. 52 mothers and their daughters filled out three measures of body image (BES, SDQIII, CSW) and the measure of attachment quality ECR-R. The results confirmed our expectations about the positive relations between weight and figure on BES and CSW. Our further assumption that the relation between mother's and daughter's body image with the secure attachment styles would be higher than that of the non-secure attachment styles was not confirmed. The possible cause of it could be our categorization of the secure and non-secure attachment styles.