Relationship among some sexuality dimensions, life satisfaction and sexual experience  

Šunjić M., Škegro I., Barišić M.
First author's affiliation: Faculty of Philoshophy, University of Mostar, Mostar, BIH

Sexual satisfaction and adjustment are important aspects of satisfaction with one's intimate relationship and with life satisfaction generally. Some individuals, however, experience problems and frustrations concerning sexual aspect of their relationship, which are mainly due to individual differences in human sexuality. Snell (1998) developed a questionnaire that deals with three not enough explored dimensions of human sexuality: sexual-esteem, sexual-depression and sexual-preoccupation. It may be argued that sexual-preoccupation is the result of previous learning in the domain of sexuality, while sexual-esteem and sexual-depression reflect previous individual sexual experiences. Following this argument, the aim of this study was to investigate possible relationships amongst these three dimensions, as well as some aspects of sexual experience (having a sexual partner, satisfaction with sexual life, pornography watching), and life satisfaction. The instruments used included a socio-demographic questionnaire, Sexuality Scale (Snell, 2001) and Life Satisfaction Scale (Penezić, 1996). They were administered to the sample of 186 students (95 males and 91 females). According to expectations, the factor structures of the two scales were confirmed. Results indicate that there are differences in three sexuality dimensions regarding gender. Furthermore, the results showed significant correlations between the results on the two scales and the three aspects of sexual experience. There were also significant correlations between the sexuality dimensions and life satisfactions.