Insecure attachment and emotion dysregulation  [presentation, ppt, 107 kB]

Láng A.
University of Pécs, Institute for Educational Studies, Pécs, Hungary

Rooted in early caregiver-infant relation, people with different attachment styles deal differently with emotional issues. In this study connection between attachment dimensions (i.e. attachment avoidance and attachment anxiety), alexithymia and anxiety was investigated. Correlation between avoidance and alexithymia, and between anxious attachment and anxious symptoms was expected and tested on a sample of university students (n=90) using self-report measures (ECR-S for attachment dimensions; TAS-20 for alexithymia; STAI and self-report of vegetative symptoms for anxiety). Correlational analysis partially confirmed hypotheses. Alexithymic features and anxiety correlated with attachment dimensions in expected way and in accordance with attachment theory.