Relations between dental fear in 8- to 10-year-old children and in their parents  

Kovács E., Kerekes Z., Szanto I.
First author's affiliation: University of Pécs, Institute of Behavioral Sciences, Pécs, Hungary

Authors investigated dental fear in groups of children from two primary schools in Hungary. Among 8 to 10 years old children’s (N = 67) dental fear was measured with "Children's Dental Fear Survey". The participants parents' dental fear was examined with "Dental Fear Survey", together with their social background, education level, and marital status. To compare the two groups they characterized the parents' effect on the children’s dental fear. In this population the effect of parents' dental fear did not show influence on the children's dental fear. This fact was not affected neither by social background nor the children's DMF index. The results were comparable with the preceding studies. It seems that unpleasant dental experiences in childhood affect subsequently developed dental fear, and that common fear is positively correlated to the dental fear. In order to find the exact age, when the dental fear first develops, similar studies should be conducted on other age groups. The results of this and similar studies help us form efficient prevention techniques, which enable us to identify the risk groups and help them with available therapeutic treatment.