Meta analysis of the research conducted in the field of some obstetric risk factors for postpartum depression in Iran within 1995-2005  

Bahadoran P., Ehsanpoor S., Abedi A., Shokrani S.
First author's affiliation: Isfahan University of Medical Science, Isfahan, Iran

Mood disorders including postpartum depression are among the most important mental health disorders in postpartum period. There are numerous independent studies conducted in Iranian scientific and research centers but their meta analytic evaluation can yield practical and precise result. This is a meta analytic research using Hunter and Schmiedt approach. The subjects comprised 11 research projects and dissertations conducted in Iran within 1995-2005 based on a standard check list. The researches based on methodological parameters entered the study. The check list validity and reliability were respectively confirmed by content validity and consistency index. After summarizing the results, the effect size was calculated and combined based on meta-analysis approach and then commented according to Cohen chart. According to the calculated effect size, the finding of this research for postpartum depression revealed two factors with low association (pariety, type of delivery) and one factor with almost moderate association (unwanted pregnancy) with postpartum depression. The results are indicating importance of the detection and prevention of unwanted pregnancy by educating the spouses, family and health team staffs for an efficient step in women's health promotion.