The relationship between personality and the need for leadership of Iranian workers  

Salahian A., Oreizi H., Tabesh N.
First author's affiliation: Isfahan University, Isfahan, Iran

Need for leadership (NL) differs from other concepts in the leadership domain because it is not an asset of a leader but of subordinate in his situation, job, or organization. NL is the extent to which an employee wishes the leader to facilitate the path toward individual, group, or organizational goals. A subjective need for leadership (SNL) is associated with individual goals, while the objective one is associated with group or organizational goals. The aim of the current research is to investigate relationship between personality of workers and their need for leadership. The participants were 650 workers chosen from a large Iranian factory producing automobiles. Three measures were used: first, The Revised Hazan and Shaver (1994) that contains three categories (immune style, anxiety style and ambivalence style), second, Revised Inventory (NEO-PI) Costa and McCrae(1992), and third, The scale of need for (subjective and objective) leadership (De Vries, 1997). Findings indicate that contentiousness, immune attachment style and extraversion predict objective need for leadership, while openness, anxiety attachment style, and neuroticism (reversely) predict subjective need for leadership. Implications of these studies were discussed for practical use in the organizations.