The personality antecedents and the organizational consequences of the organizational commitment in client’s companies  

Oreyzi Samani H., Tabesh N.
First author's affiliation: University of Esfahan, Esfahan, Iran

One of the today's most important problems in Iran is the outsourcing services. According to transition from public organizations to private ones, the third party in organizational commitment was born because of the outsourcing and contracting companies. Workers in the contracting companies have two fold commitments, to their own company and to their client's companies. Participants in this study were 500 workers in six contracting companies responsible for outsourcing services toward client companies. Personality antecedents of commitment were: locus of control, measured by Internal-External scale (Rotter, Mulry, 1965), five dimensions of personality, namely contentiousness, agreeableness, extraversion, neuroticism and openness, measured by Revised Neo personality Inventory (Neo-PI, 1992), and adult attachment (Hazan, Shaver, 1991). The organizational variables in client organizations were organizational climate (Becker, 1992) and organizational support measured by perceived organizational support scale (Eisenberger, Huntington and Sowa, 1986). Mediational analyses show that organizational commitment (Belfor, Wexler, 1996) mediates personal characteristics and organizational characteristics.