Women closed in body: The body image and self-esteem of young women went through cosmetic surgery  

Alfoldi L., Lábadi B.
First author's affiliation: University of Pécs, Institut of Psychology, Pécs, Hungary

This study investigates the psychology of cosmetic surgery among young women. Previous studies have allocated symptoms of body dismorphic disorder by the significant fraction of those women, who submitted or went through a plastic surgery. The aim of this research was to find out the change and pathology development of the body image and self-esteem by patients went through cosmetic surgery. We compared cosmetic surgery patients (N= 20, mean age=28,8) and a control group (university women N= 28, mean age =24,86) on different questionnaires (Tenessee Self Concept Scale, EDI: perfectionism subscle, Self-Report Mirror Gazing Questionnaire, Self Esteem- Scale, Body- and Self Image Questionnaire). The results showed that there are remarkable differences between the two groups in judgments of their body and themselves, in anxiety, in satisfaction with appearance, and in the reaction of the aesthetic stimulus and expectations of their social environment. The results are discussed due to personality traits and cognitive theory.