Back to life, back to the origins -Thoughts and experiences about The Focusing method   

Bencze E.
University of Pécs, PHD School in Psychology, Pécs, Hungary

In the beginning of our lives we organise our experiences about the world, about our relations and even about ourselves through body felts and body impressions. Our self is organised through the relative persistence and unity of the body in space and in time, as well as through the body felts (posture, condition of the muscles, skin - the so called skin-ego, smell, flavour, sound). The development of the infant later opens new self-senses and organising powers for the todler that will operate and form together continuously with the first sense of an emergent self by Stern. Focusing is a kind of relaxation technique grew out by Gendlin. The aim of focusing is to pay attention to the felt senses of the body and the images, words, smells, memories or sounds that adjunct to them. Our deeper and wiser self („the body”) that knows the background and the relations of our problems, and even the specific, individual and creative, therefore effective solutions of them. In my presentation I would like to point out the connection between the methodological elements of focusing (trance-like state, glaze, clearing a space, felt sense, handle, resonating, mirroring) and the early, preverbal development through the narrative analyses of interviews that were made by university students (n=50) who had participated in focusing groups.