Effects of self efficiency training  

Pejić B., Lazić G., Žutić Milinković G.
First author's affiliation: National Employment Service of Serbia, Belgrade, Serbia

Self Efficiency Training is a group counselling programme targeted at long-term unemployed persons or persons at risk of long-term unemployment. The objective of this training is to increase the motivation for active job search through self-confidence and efficiency building, development of perception of personal responsibility, more intense and persistent job search, psychological support and preparation for participation in other active employment measures. The elementary model is based on the theory of planned behaviour (Ajzen, 1985). According to this theory, the most significant indicators for predicting one's behaviour are: intention to behave in a certain manner and perceived control of behaviour. The intention is formed through positive attitudes, subjective norms and perceived behaviour control. The purpose of this paper is to define the extent to which Self Efficiency Training can influence motivation, i.e. intention of unemployed persons to actively and persistently look for a job. This research was carried out on a sample of 300 unemployed persons of different gender, age, education level, work experience and duration of unemployment. The polled filled in three questionnaires (before and after the training) related to their attitudes towards job search and efficiency in job search (Vinokur & Caplan, 1987). The results showed that training has a positive impact on participants: increased self-confidence in job search, reduced anxiety as to the number of attempts and failure, increased capacity to solve problems and focus on employment, stronger functional beliefs and weaker dysfunctional beliefs, increased capacity to assess their own efficiency in job search. The results lead to the conclusion that Self Efficiency Training has a positive impact on unemployed persons, their motivation, self-confidence, tolerance of frustration and personal responsibility in job search.