Depression and anxiety in correlation to purpose of life and quality of life in Slovenian HIV-infected patients  [presentation, ppt, 1763 kB]

Oblak T., Pasarič A., Ručna V., Matičič M., Škodlar B.
First author's affiliation: Medical Faculty, University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) has improved the life expectancy of HIV-infected patients. Attention has moved to managing mental disorders and quality of life (abbr. QOL). The most prevalent mental disorders in HIV-infected patients are anxiety and depression which are correlated to low purpose of life. We studied prevalence of depression and anxiety, level of purpose of life and QOL in Slovenian HIV/aids patients and their relationship. We hypothesized that depression, anxiety, low purpose of life and low QOL are importantly present in this population. Study enrolled 162 HIV-infected patients followed at the Clinics for infectious diseases and febrile illnesses of University Medical Centre of Ljubljana. For assessment of depression and anxiety we used Hospitaly anxiety and depression scale (HADS). WHOQOL-HIV BREF was used for assessing quality of life and Purpose in life (PIL) was used for assessing purpose of life. Questionnaire was answered by 111 patients (68.5 %). Depression was present in 24 (21.6 %) and anxiety in 36 patients (32.4 %). Patients expressed moderate quality of life and moderate purpose of life. Sucidial ideations were present in 24 (22 %) cases, low purpose of life in 29 (26.1 %) and low QOL in 13 patients (11.7 %). Depression and anxiety were positively correlated (p < 0.01). Both were negatively correlated to low purpose of life (p < 0.01). Purpose of life and QOL correlated negatively with some antiretroviral treatment (abacavir, stavudine and nelfinavir [p < 0.05]). Depression, anxiety, low purpose of life and low QOL are present among HIV-infected patients in Slovenia. The questionnaires HADS and WHOQOL-HIV BREF are suitable to be used in everyday clinical practice to screen for depression, anxiety and low QOL among patients with HIV/aids and we highly recommend their introduction in Slovenia.