Self-concept and competition: Toward a structural model of factors of motivation  [presentation, ppt, 183 kB]

Kobal Grum D.
Department of Psychology, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Among various studies on cross-cultural aspects of self-concept there is a huge lack on relation of self-concept with competition. In our study, we try to reject a stereotype, that competition is not a desired personal characteristic. Therefore, the principal hypothesis is, that if competition is investigated in a context of self-concept, also positive correlations with self-concept areas could appear. As a consequence, a new model of self-concept, based on different kinds of competition, could be postulated. It could also be assumed that this model might differ from culture to culture. Therefore, the participants from three countries participated in the study. Countries were chosen on the basis of political and cultural indicators in Eastern/Southern versus Western/Southern European changes: Slovenia, Serbia and Monte Negro and Spain. The investigation of the correlations between self-concept and competition within each national cultural group is underlined. The study comprised of 128 Slovene, 99 Serbian and Monte Negro and 140 Spanish participants. We found that culture has a significant impact on self-concept and competition.